What is Shadow Work?

Through Shadow Work you can regain control over the parts of yourself that are now controlling you.  It is a powerful personal growth process which builds on your known strengths and brings your hidden powers out of the shadow into the light.  It offers the opportunity to explore your inner landscape, discover the gold that’s hiding in the shadows enabling you to become more the person you want to be.  It offers a way to face our hurt, pain, fear and anger and learn how to live more fully with these.  Most of all it’s a way to love and accept yourself in your life the way it is.

Shadow Work can help you to understand the circuitry of your emotions and your beliefs.  Once you know a circuit you can vividly see the limitations it has put on you, probably since early childhood.  By making use of the Shadow Work process, you can start to move through those limitations.  This allows your real potential and creative power to become active instead of dormant.  What’s more, it can happen deeply and quickly.


Introduction to Shadow Work Video

Simple introduction to the Shadow: what it is, how it can affect your life and what you can do about it

Shadow Work Basics Audio

Founders Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Whalen explain the philosophy and beliefs underpinning Shadow Work

Shadow Work rocks! In my experience, it’s been a fantastic method to get in touch with myself on a very deep level and to clear old stocks of accumulated emotions, traumas and hurts.

SK, June 2009

I was amazed at this delicate, intuitive approach to helping people become more self-aware. The whole programme was very intelligent and holistic, supporting the participants in every way they needed it.

BF, November 2014

Despite its dark and mysterious name, I found Shadow Work to be a very safe and precise way of exploring issues that were buried deep in the tapestry of my being… It is energetic work, and accesses deep-rooted issues that have been held in our body-mind’s chemistry for generations.

Anon, June 2011