Useful Links

Shadow Work Europe

Information about Shadow Work and all seminars and training courses in Europe with contact details for Shadow Work coaches working in Europe

Shadow Work in Germany

Information about Shadow Work seminars and training in Germany with Marie-Francois Rosat, Veronique Chemin and Sascha Kriese

Information about Shadow Work seminars, coaching and training in Germany with Alice and John Morrell

Shadow Work in French-Speaking Countries

Information about Shadow Work seminars, coaching and training in France, Belgium and Switzerland

Shadow Work Worldwide

The primary Shadow Work website offering further in-depth information on Shadow Work itself plus details of seminars and training courses in North America and Europe

Shadow Work in Russia

Information about Shadow Work seminars, coaching and training in Russia

Women in Power

A powerful personal development programme for women in both North America and the UK 

The Mankind Project

Offers The New Warrior Training Adventure, a powerful personal development programme for men

Introduction to Shadow Work Video

Simple introduction to the Shadow: what it is, how it can affect your life and what you can do about it

Shadow Work Basics Audio

Founders Cliff Barry and Mary Ellen Whalen explain the philosophy and beliefs underpinning Shadow Work


John and Nicola’s deep empathy, insight and skill produce extraordinary results in a very short space of time.

“John and Nicola are state-of-the-art facilitators.”

AB, November 2014

“I was amazed at this delicate, intuitive approach to helping people become more self-aware. The whole programme was very intelligent and holistic, supporting the participants in every way they needed it.”

BF, November 2014

“For me, Shadow Work was transformational, empowering, liberating and the best present I gave to myself. I am now ready to achieve my highest potential.”

NN, June 2010