Individual and Couples Coaching

We offer coaching for both individuals and couples. We draw on a wide range of skills and techniques during our coaching sessions, most of them specific to Shadow Work coaching. We also draw on our combined experience of spiritual development and psychological models where relevant and appropriate. Client choice and consent is of the highest priority at all times.


Shadow Work coaching can allow a profound shift in attitude, behaviour and emotional well being. It can help you:

  • Access resources, strengths and qualities you didn’t know you had
  • Regain confidence and self-esteem
  • Come to terms with major life changes
  • Let go of unwanted patterns of behavior
  • Become more accepting of yourself
  • Befriend your deepest emotions
  • Revitalise your relationships
  • Make decisions that reflect your true values and follow through on them
  • Learn to stand up for yourself
  • Reclaim your motivation and inspiration
  • Become the mature adult you want to be

You can choose to focus on professional goals or personal issues. We think that either path will greatly enhance your self-awareness, your personal satisfaction and your sense of well being.

What Makes Shadow Work Coaching So Successful?

We believe there are three things that make Shadow Work coaching so effective:

  1. A safe environment

Although it can be an intense experience, Shadow Work coaching provides an environment free from shame, blame and judgment. We want you to feel comfortable and safe enough to explore whatever you choose.

  1. Risk assessment

Change in our lives inevitably has consequences, and therefore risks, attached. Identifying and exploring these risks in a safe environment allows you to choose which risks you are willing to take in order to get what you want and how far you are willing to push yourself in any given session. This greatly increases your ability to make effective change.

  1. Core patterns

Together we aim to uncover the core psychological and behavioural patterns that underlie your issues. Once you achieve a shift in a core pattern, secondary patterns usually shift at the same time

How it Works

Great leaders and managers get things done, and they care deeply about their organisation’s success.  But sometimes that’s not enough; despite heroic efforts they may encounter roadblocks, lack of co-operation, and unforeseen delays.

To get beyond these hurdles, it helps to make a simple distinction:  Companies need managers, but people need leaders.

Success depends just as much on your leader’s ability to inspire and involve others as it does on their own personal effectiveness.

With customised trainings our focus is always on developing facilitative leadership through exploring the relationship between leadership and participation, and offering methods for turning obstacles into opportunities.  Specific leadership practices provide a framework for improving the effectiveness of team, project, and organisational leaders.

Individually this will include exploring a couple of key areas:
*Your personal beliefs about leadership, both positive and negative.  What are the roots of these, what is useful to hang onto and what might valuable to let go of!

* What are your leadership aspirations, longings and desires; and then coming to terms with how you actually provide leadership under the usual day to day pressures, what we call the ‘default’ leadership position.  Exploring what works about this default position and what doesn’t.  And then, with increased awareness, new tools and mentoring support, you can narrow the gap between aspiration and actual delivery and thereby develop your genuine effective leadership ability and style.

The impact more effective leadership back in the work place will include increased:

  • Productivity
  • Worker-Management relations
  • Customer response
  • Decision making
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Participants will learn to:

  • Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision
  • Focus on the work process, group relationships, and business results for multidimensional success
  • Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership of strategies, tactics, and results
  • Design purposeful action plans to help change initiatives succeed
  • Facilitate agreement among involved stakeholders for smoother implementation
  • Coach for better performance and deeper commitment
  • Celebrate appropriate success and accomplishment to create a satisfying work environment

The Difference Between Shadow Work Coaching and Life Coaching

Life Coaching tends to be solution-focused and forward-looking, helping you set goals and keeping you motivated to reach them. Successful life coaching uses motivational techniques and the power of positive thinking to help you achieve your goal.

Sometimes, simply endeavouring to ‘try harder and be more positive’ does not do the job. Shadow Work Coaching not only focuses on the goal, but also on what has made that goal so difficult to achieve. Looking at the issues surrounding the goal or the problem allows us to work with the source of the issue rather than just working on the symptoms.

A First Step

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John and Nicola’s deep empathy, insight and skill produce extraordinary results in a very short space of time.

“John and Nicola are state-of-the-art facilitators.”

AB, November 2014

“I was amazed at this delicate, intuitive approach to helping people become more self-aware. The whole programme was very intelligent and holistic, supporting the participants in every way they needed it.”

BF, November 2014

“For me, Shadow Work was transformational, empowering, liberating and the best present I gave to myself. I am now ready to achieve my highest potential.”

NN, June 2010