For Business and Groups

We can assist you to:

  • Be more successful
  • Work together effectively and purposefully
  • Hold more efficient, productive meetings
  • Increase honest and direct communication
  • Negotiate those ‘difficult’ conversations!
  • Build openness and trust
  • Achieve increased action and accountability
  • Fulfil and deliver commitments, goals and deadlines
  • Develop leadership skills

Every organisation, group and business is different and unique.  Every situation requires a different response.  Therefore we tailor the tools and techniques we use according to your specific needs.  We offer:

  • Training in Leadership Development and Change Management
  • Individual Coaching to Maximise Performance
  • Training in Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Tailored Business Retreats
  • Training for Coaches and Facilitators

Training for Coaches and Facilitators

Many companies have learned the value of using trained facilitators and coaches in many parts of their businesses.  The days of the ‘big boss’ dictating “my way or the highway!” are numbered and the rewards of ensuring that all members of the team are collaboratively engaged are increasingly well understood.

So useful are the skills that facilitators and coaches bring that many organisations are now choosing to produce their own.  What better than to have on staff, individuals who bring those very skills of effective communication, teambuilding, meeting facilitation for lasting changes, and a co-operative, inclusive way of working?  Through learning coaching and facilitation skills, no longer will you only enjoy the benefits when the facilitator can fit you in, but the increased effectiveness of meetings and business relationships can be an ongoing part of daily life in your organisation.

Our trainings are specifically designed and tailored to the needs and requirements of the client.  Therefore it is difficult to accurately detail the skills imparted.  However, the benefits gained through training may include:

  • Increased effective listening and communication skills
  •     A broader skill range and a larger ‘tool kit’ as a business coach or facilitator
  • An increased personal confidence, assurance and presence as a coach or facilitator
  • Accelerated implementation of behavioural change for the individual, the organisation and their business
  • Increase ability to build relationships and negotiate difficult emotional situations
  • A greater ability to see what is going on
  • Learning how to coach others for increased performance
  • A greater awareness of the needs of the clients, their resistances to change and how to validate these thereby allowing for easier implementation of change.
  • Increased resilience, tenacity and flexibility throughout the whole coaching or facilitation cycle
  • More understanding of their own strengths and limitations as a developing coach or facilitator, creating a safer, more effective service.
Tailored Business Retreats

Many group colleagues, management teams, boards of directors, even whole companies find value in taking time away from their day to day work place or training environment.  These occasions may be for annual review and celebration, to assist the arrival of new members, personnel or manager, or to build broader relationship and greater trust.

We can create a highly supportive and encouraging context for any team’s unique retreat, drawing from many facilitative tools, procedures, structures, dialogues and activities both fun & serious!  All to help with the typical issues that can be summed up in ….. “Where are we going?  Where are we now? How do we get from here to there?” !!

These events can also be a forum for personal development for individuals in the team, allowing time to be given to focussing on what is working well individually and collectively as well as focussing upon what could be even better for enhanced performance and job satisfaction.  We can use a variety of interactive and personally reflective tools to increase self awareness and bring change to limiting behaviours.

Typically such events vary from one to three days – talk to us about what you want to achieve by taking your team away and let’s see what we can create for you!

Training in Leadership Development

and Change Management

Great leaders and managers get things done, and they care deeply about their organisation’s success.  But sometimes that’s not enough; despite heroic efforts they may encounter roadblocks, lack of co-operation, and unforeseen delays.

To get beyond these hurdles, it helps to make a simple distinction:  Companies need managers, but people need leaders.

Success depends just as much on your leader’s ability to inspire and involve others as it does on their own personal effectiveness.

With customised trainings our focus is always on developing facilitative leadership through exploring the relationship between leadership and participation, and offering methods for turning obstacles into opportunities.  Specific leadership practices provide a framework for improving the effectiveness of team, project, and organisational leaders.

Individually this will include exploring a couple of key areas:
*Your personal beliefs about leadership, both positive and negative.  What are the roots of these, what is useful to hang onto and what might valuable to let go of!

* What are your leadership aspirations, longings and desires; and then coming to terms with how you actually provide leadership under the usual day to day pressures, what we call the ‘default’ leadership position.  Exploring what works about this default position and what doesn’t.  And then, with increased awareness, new tools and mentoring support, you can narrow the gap between aspiration and actual delivery and thereby develop your genuine effective leadership ability and style.

The impact more effective leadership back in the work place will include increased:

  • Productivity
  • Worker-Management relations
  • Customer response
  • Decision making
  • Cross-functional collaboration

Participants will learn to:

  • Spark enthusiasm and productivity with an inspiring vision
  • Focus on the work process, group relationships, and business results for multidimensional success
  • Involve employees appropriately, creating employee ownership of strategies, tactics, and results
  • Design purposeful action plans to help change initiatives succeed
  • Facilitate agreement among involved stakeholders for smoother implementation
  • Coach for better performance and deeper commitment
  • Celebrate appropriate success and accomplishment to create a satisfying work environment

Individual Coaching

to Maximise Performance

Coaching is:

  • A vehicle for learning
  • Guiding towards goals
  • Sharing experience and opinions to build outcomes
  • Inspiring and supporting

Coaching is not:

  • Reprimanding or fixing
  • Directing or ordering to meet goals
  • Being the expert with all answers
  • Addressing therapeutic issues

Coaching can be invaluable for individuals wishing to make changes in their lives, or simply to gain a fresh perspective on their working career or role within an organisation.  Individual coaching can enable the individual to become more effective in their role and to begin to use this new perspective in their business dealings.  In simple terms coaching is a conversation between two people, the coach and the client. Simplistically, the role of the coach is to support the client in achieving their goals.  It can provide invaluable support through a particularly intense period of change.  It can provide ongoing support in handling the challenges that seem to appear ever faster in ‘normal’ daily business.  It can enable a good manager to be a great manager and maintain his or her sanity in the process!

Training in Effective Communication

and Conflict Resolution

Facing up to and preparing to have those difficult conversations in the work place is often tough and full of anxiety!

Many have been the times when this challenge has prompted leaders to delay, prevaricate, procrastinate and suffer the consequence of not the seizing the moment ……. purely because they do have the necessary tools to communicate clearly and cleanly.

At times, effective leadership has to be able to:

  • Voice the unspoken assumptions, attitudes, stances and positions taken in a group or team
  • Name and illuminate the so called ‘elephant in the room’!
  • Mediate between differing employee view points or conflicts of interest
  • Provide effective and constructive feedback of both what an employee has done well and what they might do things differently to be even more effective.

We can offer simple, experience-based sessions to teach four-point communicating tools to groups and individuals that will substantially assist in this challenging area.  Then much of the communication can be clearly understood and agreed upon instead of being interpreted, assumed, inferred or imagined!  As has been said by someone, somewhere, sometime ……… “Assumption is the mother of all . . . . ups”!

With strong differences of opinion and conflict, so much depends upon establishing and building on common ground.  Allowing underlying similarities, intention and shared values to be affirmed while at the same time legitimising and affirming real differences as they emerge.


Organisations we have worked with include:

Y P O (Young Presidents’ Organisation)
R L G International
Price Waterhouse Coopers
GE Capitol
IPM Consultants
Shell UK
Hewlett Packard
Dial House Ventures
State Street Bank

John brought with him a very honest, non-confrontational, explorative style that allowed conversations to explore deeper meaning and values for the individuals which had not happened before. This proved to be the ideal starting place from which to build organisational structures and define roles and responsibilities for all the managers concerned.

MG, May 2005

I was amazed by the very professional guidance from Nicola and John from the very first until the very last minute. Despite the demanding nature of their work, every participant received the same attention and empathy as the previous one.

AN, 2009