Why do Shadow Work?

Reasons to do Shadow Work may include wanting:

  • to have something change in your life, to have something happen differently
  • to understand why you behave in a certain way
  • to get help or support in unfolding more of yourself
  • to work with feelings like fear, grief, anger and shame
  • to break through old patterns of behaviour
  • to regain your confidence and self esteem
  • to come to terms with a major life transition or crisis
  • to become the mature adult you want to be
  • to improve your quality of life
  • to clarify your deeper purposes and goals
  • to discover resources and gifts you didn’t know you had
  • to increase your ability to make powerful choices and experience support
  • to deepen your capacity for intimacy and creativity
  • to discover your ability to sustain action in your life and follow through

In fact, you don’t need to know, before you come to a session or workshop, specifically what it is you want to have happen – just that you want to have something happen!

In Shadow Work, we believe it is fine and useful to have a shadow bag, and to keep some shadows inside it.  But when the weight of the bag slows you down and prevents you from being who you really want to be, it is time to open it up.  It is time to find a safe place to look in the bag, examine its contents and see what needs to come back out.

It was appropriate to put parts of yourself in the bag when you were a child while you learned about other things, but now you can take them out, piece by piece, and use them to mature into the fullness of your whole personality.  You won’t ever become a shadow-free person, but by working with it in this way you can learn a great deal about yourself and exercise more conscious choice over how you live your life.

After two days of Shadow Work I was able to get to the root of a problem I have been battling with for years, if not all my life, inspect it, dig it out and move on.

GP, 2004

Shadow Work has helped me to access the root of [my self-destructive behaviour] in an extremely safe and supporting environment. A great deal has changed for me: I feel lighter, energetic and relaxed, and people have commented on this.

PS, 2004

In my private and professional life I can now set boundaries and connect with others with love and compassion.

SK, May 2011