Individual & Couples Coaching

We offer coaching for both individuals and couples. We draw on a wide range of skills and techniques during our coaching sessions, most of them specific to Shadow Work coaching. We also draw on our combined experience of spiritual development and psychological models where relevant and appropriate. Client choice and consent is of the highest priority at all times.


Shadow Work coaching can allow a profound shift in attitude, behaviour and emotional well being. It can help you:

  • Access resources, strengths and qualities you didn’t know you had
  • Regain confidence and self-esteem
  • Come to terms with major life changes
  • Let go of unwanted patterns of behavior
  • Become more accepting of yourself
  • Befriend your deepest emotions
  • Revitalise your relationships
  • Make decisions that reflect your true values and follow through on them
  • Learn to stand up for yourself
  • Reclaim your motivation and inspiration
  • Become the mature adult you want to be

You can choose to focus on professional goals or personal issues. We think that either path will greatly enhance your self-awareness, your personal satisfaction and your sense of well being.

What Makes Shadow Work Coaching So Successful?

We believe there are three things that make Shadow Work coaching so effective:

  1. A safe environment

Although it can be an intense experience, Shadow Work coaching provides an environment free from shame, blame and judgment. We want you to feel comfortable and safe enough to explore whatever you choose.

  1. Risk assessment

Change in our lives inevitably has consequences, and therefore risks, attached. Identifying and exploring these risks in a safe environment allows you to choose which risks you are willing to take in order to get what you want and how far you are willing to push yourself in any given session. This greatly increases your ability to make effective change.

  1. Core patterns

Together we aim to uncover the core psychological and behavioural patterns that underlie your issues. Once you achieve a shift in a core pattern, secondary patterns usually shift at the same time

How It Works

A Shadow Work process starts when the coach asks, “What would you like to have happen?” In a coaching session, there might be one or two facilitators present, depending on the requirements of the client.

You can then explain in your own words what you want for yourself. And if you’re not sure what you want, the facilitator can listen carefully and help you determine what that is.

The coach will then help you to reconstruct your issue, so that you can identify the shadow and view it objectively. You will then begin a path of deep enquiry and exploration which may sometimes trigger strong emotions.

The facilitator may offer alternative perspectives about the shadow and can facilitate powerful techniques for re-integrating the energy that has been in shadow. We end the session with strategies for how to integrate what you’ve learned into your life.

The coach(es) will ask for your choice at each step, so that the process is guided by what you want. No one is ever pressured to go beyond their own comfort level.

We find that Shadow Work Coaching offers such a degree of safety that people can work on issues that would be too difficult or embarrassing to address in a group setting. They can also work at their own pace.

The Difference Between Shadow Work Coaching and Life Coaching

Life Coaching tends to be solution-focused and forward-looking, helping you set goals and keeping you motivated to reach them. Successful life coaching uses motivational techniques and the power of positive thinking to help you achieve your goal.

Sometimes, simply endeavouring to ‘try harder and be more positive’ does not do the job. Shadow Work Coaching not only focuses on the goal, but also on what has made that goal so difficult to achieve. Looking at the issues surrounding the goal or the problem allows us to work with the source of the issue rather than just working on the symptoms.

A First Step …

Contact us for an initial no-obligation discussion:

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This is absolutely the best place to be to really deepen your relationship with yourself.  I loved the intensity and focus that comes from working one to one.

P, November 2004

Whenever there were situations in my life (for the last 10 years) where I felt stuck, needed to make a decision, felt trapped or confused, Shadow Work always helped me gain clarity, sort out my priorities and solve the hidden issues underground. And each time I could and did move forward in my life – more alive than beforehand!

SH, November 2006

I watched my husband work through a sad and painful part of his childhood. It was a revelation to us both and it’s enabling us to talk about things now that we both used to avoid at all costs. It’s certainly depended our relationship.

KB, 2005