Golden Opportunities

‘Effective and skilled coaching, facilitation and training for individuals, groups and professional organisations who are at a crossroads...”

Welcome to Golden Opportunities OPPORTUNITIES

Helping you, as an individual, to:

      Improve your quality of life

     Let go of unwanted patterns of behaviour

      Come to terms with major life changes

      • Befriend your deepest emotions

      Become the mature adult you want to be

      Discover resources, qualities and talents

         you didn’t know you had

Helping your team or group to:

     • Work together more effectively and successfully

     • Build openness and trust

     • Enjoy more efficient, productive meetings

     • Negotiate those ‘difficult’ conversations!

     • Increase productivity and accountability

John and Nicola Kurk are specialists at assisting

people to realise their  potential by unlocking and releasing unexpressed creativity, energy, thoughts and feelings.  Since 1984 they have been providing effective and skilled coaching, facilitation and training.  

No matter how similar each individual or group appears to be on the surface, we know that every person and situation is unique.  So we offer a combination of processes, tools and techniques, tailoring our approach to your needs.


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